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In each round, one player is the Storyteller

and reads a Story Card out loud.

Other players ask questions

about the story and

play a Letter or Word Card. 

The Storyteller has 10 seconds to answer
each question using the word or by starting their sentence with the letter on the card.

If you think that an answer doesn’t make sense, you can challenge that answer with the red card. Put your red card up in the air and say that you think that the answer doesn’t make sense. All players use their green/red card to validate or discard an answer.

This is a party game. It’s all about fun and having a great time  with your friends and family. But, if you want to make The Awkward Storyteller a competitive game, you can keep score. For one valid answer, the Storyteller is awarded one point. If the Storyteller answers questions from all players, they gain an additional 2 bonus points.